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Wimbledon Final Live Blogging: Maria Sharapova Against Petra Kvitova

Posted in Uncategorized by Ben on July 2, 2011

Maria Sharapova takes on Petra Kvitova in the finals. Below is live blogging from the match.

10:38 AM: With an ace (her only one of the match), Petra Kvitova becomes a Wimbledon champion. She defeated Sharapova 6-3, 6-4 in a brilliant display of shot-making and steady nerves.

10:35 AM: In a routine hold, Sharapova brings the score to 4-5. It’s time for Kvitova to serve for the championship.

10: 33 AM: Kvitova comes back from being down 15-30 to take the game, 5-3. Now the pressure’s all on Sharapova to hold serve.

10:29 AM: Well, she couldn’t handle holding serve. Kvitova broke again and the finish line is in sight. It’s 4-3 now.

10:24 AM: Sharapova’s gaining some momentum back. She broke Kvitova to even the match again at 3-all. How will she handle the serve?

10: 17 AM: It’s all about Kvitova in this match; she’s completely dictating play in an echo of the way Sharapova dominated Serena Williams back in ’04, according to the NBC commentators. I completely agree. Kvitova broke the Russian to lead 3-2.

10:07 AM: Sharapova lofts a beautiful lob over Kvitova to level the second set at 2-all.

10:01 AM: Kvitova’s rolling in the second. She broke Sharapova to start after the Russian hit her fifth double fault. The Czech then held serve to make the score 2-0.

9:51 AM: With a definitive 40-0 game, Kvitova takes the opening set 6-3.

9:50 AM: Sharapova successfully held, but Kvitova’s just two points from taking the first set.

9:40 AM: Kvitova’s getting sharper as the match continues. She backed up the break of Sharapova’s serve with a strong hold. The Czech’s now leading 5-2.

9:38 AM: Sharapova hits her third double fault on match point to give Kvitova the break.

9:37 AM: Uh, oh. Sharapova strikes her second double fault, giving Kvitova the chance to break.

9:34 AM: Kvitova holds serve despite a number of errors. Wow, this isn’t going to be much of a clean match, is it?

9:30 AM: With a little luck from a net cord, Sharapova successfully defends her serve to level the match at 2-all. The 2004 champion is still looking a little too streaky.

9:24 AM: It’s now 2-1 Kvitova after the Czech answered Sharapova’s blasting returns with huge lefty forehands of her own. Can she keep the momentum going and break Sharapova’s serve for a second time to race to a 3-1 lead?

9:21 AM: Sharapova’s battled back to deuce on Kvitova’s serve.

9:17 AM: Kvitova breaks right back with the help of some Sharapova mishits.

9:15 AM: Kvitova races to a quick 40-0 lead on Sharapova’s serve after the Russian hit some errors.

9:14 AM: Maria’s choice to receive worked out well. The Russian started her bid for a second Wimbledon title by breaking Kvitova’s big lefty serve.

9:13: AM: Break point for Sharapova. Let’s see if she can convert.

9:11 AM: Already some errors creeping into the Kvitova game. Sharapova’s up 30-0 on Kvitova’s serve. Can the Czech shake off the nerves?

9:09 AM: The match is about to begin. Petra Kvitova will serve first although Sharapova won the toss. This should be a good match for the two; their games match up well. Watch out for the serve for both.

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