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Excerpt of ‘Serena Goes Sexy in Game Ad’ from Tennis Served Fresh

Check out another post I wrote for the blog Tennis Served Fresh about Serena’s steamy new ad for Top Spin 4.

Let’s just call this Serena Williams’ version of a sex tape. While Serena can’t get dirty on the court these days, she’s doing her best to emulate BBF (Best Booty Friend) Kim Kardashian and get steamy – off it. As reported by the New York Daily News, Serena’s commercial for Top Spin 4 may be “too hot for TV.” Dubbed the “world’s sexiest tennis player,” the ad pits her against Rileah Vanderbilt, named the “world’s sexiest tennis gamer” (guess we missed that press release). The two tennis hotties (or drag queens in disguise – as some have commented) wear revealing black leotards, serenaded by a kind of grunting that probably should never be uttered on a tennis court. If that’s not enough, flames spurt around Vanderbilt as she hits an awkward backhand and golden confetti rains around Serena’s purple strands of hair.

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Excerpt of ‘Tennis Goes Cross-Country’ from Tennis Served Fresh

Check out a recent post I wrote for the blog Tennis Served Fresh about Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal’s soccer game for Japan relief, Roger Federer’s recent loses and Dominika Cibulkova’s break into the world of reality television.

Bottom’s on top: It’s official! The classy poster of a woman scratching her derriere in flattering tennis whites has been posted as one of the all-time best-selling posters, according to a recent article in the Guardian. Model and poster will soon be reunited after 35 years for an upcoming event celebrating tennis art, writes Patrick Kingsley. Pictured above, Fiona Walker, now 52, tells all in a piece from the Telegraph. (ed. note: Meanwhile, how cute is Patrick??TSF is always looking for more freelancers… )

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Excerpt of ‘March Madness’ from Tennis Served Fresh

Check out another post I wrote for the blog Tennis Served Fresh about Esquire’s battle of beauty, Maria Sharapova’s new website and Indian Wells action.

Maria got an eight seed and Caro a nine. Serena? Nowhere to be found. (Screengrab via Esquire.com)

Is tennis (and the world) suddenly in the palm of Maria Sharapova’s hand again? Esquire‘s battle of beauty and search for the sexiest woman alive has the web abuzz during the month of madness. In the brackets, seeded 8th, her first competition is none other than Caroline Wozniacki, the 9th seed. Step aside world no. 1 because against Masha you’re better as Miss Congeniality. Plus, it looks like Esquire’s made up its mind on which blonde to root for: “On the tennis court, we’d probably pick Wozniacki, but on whatever kind of court this competition occurs on, our hearts will always be with Sharapova.” Yeah, cuz she sells ads, y’all! Click here for Esquire’s entire bracket brilliance.

To read this story in its entirety, see here.

The Supportive Spirit of Goucher College’s Tennis Teams

A member of Goucher College’s Division III Men’s Varsity Tennis team, I traveled to New Jersey to support my fellow Gophers in our Landmark Conference match against New Jersey’s Drew University. Sidelined with injury, I haven’t been able to compete for the past two weeks. If anything, however, it’s made me appreciate the sport  and the members of my team — both the men and women — even more.

Arriving at the courts on a chilly day of around 40 degrees, we were instantly met with a problem: a severe lack of courts. With snow hitting the state hard just days before, ice made a number of them simply too dangerous to play on.

Being representatives of Goucher College, however, we didn’t let this predicament stop us. Grabbing shovels and squeegees, we got to work on the ice, attempting to chip enough away just to get more of an area with which to play.

In the end, it didn’t quite work. Regardless, the sense of duty to help, led by the teams’ coaches, rings true. It illustrates  just some of the spirit of my school’s team even before the first ball of competitive play was actually struck.

A solution, of course, was found. Drew has a field house in which two makeshift courts were made available to get the match started. A strange atmosphere, our players quickly got used to the conditions quickly. They seemed unfazed with the alien surface, and it was fun simply getting the chance to watch as the guys and, later, the women, brought their games to the indoor track turf courts complete with nearby basketball hoops.

With the task of charting, I gained a focused, unwavering connection with each match and the person playing. There’s no room for error when you’re trying your best to tally each point: the serves, the unforced errors, the winners, and, yes, even the framers. You become so in-tune with the athlete, hoping to support them, while also remaining objective in the aim to get each point correctly marked down.

Despite loss against Drew, the conference champions for the last four years, the men’s team put up a strong effort and a good fight.

Winning or losing, it’s the team support that really makes me proud to be a Division III student-athlete and, specifically, a Gopher. You look around and everyone’s intent on cheering on their teammates. Maybe not always the case, we’ve made great strides. Support is in abundance now. With alumni, parents, brothers, sisters and friends in attendance, the Goucher community remained strong,despite miles away from Maryland. It’s heartwarming to say the least.

As the matches progressed, I couldn’t help but notice members of the opposing teams filing out in sporadic intervals. “For what purpose?” I asked myself. Other engagements? Homework? Nonchalance? Whatever the reason, that’s not acceptable for a Goucher athlete. Instead, you’re not just encouraged, but rather expected to remain to support your teammates. Why wouldn’t you? We spend months of training and bonding with one another for this one purpose: to play our hearts out as a team and grow stronger both individually and collectively. The least we can do is stay and offer encouragement as our brothers and sisters take to the courts and show their commitment to excellence.

The repayment can be a wonderful thing, too. With almost everyone watching, the women’s team clinched a crucial point at number three singles. With the sense of community and the intense spirit  and desire, the women earned another conference win, knocking out the defending champions in the process. With love like that, who’s to say there’s not a return to the championships in the making?

With a job well done on both sides, we packed up in the night’s crisp darkness, excited for a feast, a birthday celebration and a return to our home away from home: Goucher College.


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