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A Letter to Henin After Her Shocking Retirement

Posted in Justine Henin by Ben on January 26, 2011

I recently contributed to the blog Tennis Served Fresh.  Here’s an except of my work about Justine Henin’s retirement.

Dear Justine,
What happened? You’re retiring, again? After everything you’ve been through, you’re letting an elbow injury prevent you from playing for good? Fine. It’s not like any other big name players are sidelined right now. Oh, wait. Sorry, Serena and Venus….

To read this story in its entirety, see here.

2 Responses to 'A Letter to Henin After Her Shocking Retirement'

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  2. Sunny nine said,

    Well, I suppose you believe what you want. And the media, bloggers, the like tend to think that they have it all figured out. First of all, Justine said she returned to tennis because she was inspired by Roger Federer winning his career slam. So you are calling her liar? You and the rest of the press who want to make it a Kim-Justine thing, just because they are both Belgians? You decide to take whomever you want at their word and others you just put in what you think is the truth. And are you her doctor? I mean you don’t know how bad her elbow is. Maybe she didn’t know until she came back and tried, how fragile her body is. She is a small woman in a big woman’s game. And again, why do you keep comparing Kim and Justine? Kim couldn’t win when she played Justine in finals. She couldn’t win until Mary Pierce played at the US Open. She is now filling a vacuum.
    I am not saying this because Justine is such a favorite of mine. But the media and bloggers just like to spin whatever story suits them. If a person wants to play so what? If a person stops, so what? Are we supposed to tell them what to do?

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