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Ginepri’s November Crash Squirrels Away Australian Open Chance

Posted in Robby Ginepri by Ben on December 24, 2010

American Robby Ginepri won’t be making the trip down under for this year’s Australian Open. After sustaining an arm injury from a motorcycle accident in November, he hopes to be ready for action by March.  The cause of the accident? Trying to avoid a squirrel. PETA would be proud.

According to Ginepri’s official website, however, he has started to practice again. A post dated December 13 — before he pulled out of the Aussie Open — had a more optimistic message about his near future. It reads, “After a long and patient wait from being sidelined this fall due to a biking accident, Robby is getting back into the swing of things and started hitting the practice courts last week for the first time since September. Throughout the fall, Robby has been doing extensive physical therapy and rehab five times a week to accelerate the recovery of his elbow he underwent surgery on in September. Robby is not practicing and training a full schedule yet, but is hoping to be able to in the New Year.”

The good news: the squirrel’s fine and had ample time to collect acorns in preparation for winter. The bad news: the 28-year old will be doing some hibernating of his own until March.

See below for a video of Ginepri’s warm-up routine; he’ll be getting a lot of practice (and nothing else) for the next few months.

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